Holidays in Halkidiki (Chalkidiki)

Halkidiki is a three-pronged peninsula located south of the city of Thessaloniki. It comprises of three smaller peninsulas Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. These three “fingers” give Halkidiki a uniquely winding shape, as well the longest stretch of coastline, approximately 550 km, than any other mainland prefecture in Greece. We hope you will enjoy your vacation in Halkidiki at Palladium Hotel.

It is a famous destination for families, couples and friends, that is why everyone is talking about their summerholidays in Halkidiki. Because of the thousands of people it attracts every summer, Halkidiki has a very developed tourism infrastructure.

The Golden, sun-drenched sandy beaches in Halkidiki, the idyllic gulfs, the traditional villages and the modern vacation resorts, the scattered islets, the sheltered coves, the pine-clad hills dropping to the sea, all together make up the picture of the modern-day in Halkidiki.

Our hotel in Halkidiki Palladium is built in a wooded area and has easy access to all the beautiful coasts of Kassandra. Furthermore, surrounded by natural beauty it offers a taste of Greek tradition, you are going to love this during your holiday in Halkidiki.

Vacation in Kriopigi (Halkidiki)

Kriopigi (Halkidiki) is located on the peninsula Kassandra of Halkidiki at a distance of 90 km from Thessaloniki. It is built amphitheatrical on the slopes of the green hills and has a wonderful view towards the Gulf of Kassandra. The area has been inhabited since ancient times and Kriopigi is built in the place of the ancient towns Neapolis and Flegra. The excellent climate, the combination of green mountains and the clear sea (two blue flags award in 1991) together with highly qualified service and hospitality establish Kriopigi as the most distinguished resort of the area. We hope you will enjoy your vacation in Kassandra at this wonderful island of the Ionia Sea.

During your vacation in Kriopigi (Halkidiki) you can visit the “Educational Research and in Service Training Center” an offer of Dr Erhart and Sofia Ziegler. This center is a meeting point during all the year for tutors and pedagogues from all over the world, who come here for discussions and seminars which are organized here.

Enjoy your holidays in Kriopigi (Halkidiki) where visitors can go for excursions to Athos, to the Caves of Petralona, to Ancient Olynthos, to Stagira (the birth place of Aristoteles), or they can enjoy the natural beauty and the monasteries of Mount Athos or fish in the rich fishing waters of the area. If you decide to spent your holidays in Kassandra do not miss the chance to enjoy all the traditional products of high quality such as honey, fruits, wine, olives and olive oil. In Kriopigi you will find all the necessary services (Banks, telephone service, medical help), as well as restaurants, pubs, taverns, shops of folk art e.t.c.